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Displacement pump for oily waste

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A UNIQUE positive displacement pump designed for pumping oily waste has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Megator Model L50, the pump is claimed to have a unique sliding shoe design that enables it to handle a wide range of difficult industrial or marine applications.

"Megator pumps will efficiently handle either viscous liquids or water as well as other thin liquids that have no lubricating or penetrating properties," said Aussie Pumps' John Whiteley.

The pumping action is derived from the rotation of the three eccentric disks, each of which is closely fitted into a displacement chamber or shoe.

The eccentric movement of each disk comprises horizontal and vertical components. Thus, the horizontal motion provides displacement and the disk, reciprocating in the shoe, acts like a piston in a cylinder.

One of the major benefits of the Megator pump design is that the pumps self prime and will "dry start". They are ideal for oily water or effluent pollution applications and can operate with "scum skimmers" and oil separation equipment.

For the marine market they offer a combination of advantages because of their capacity range and are able to perform as oily bilge pumps, diesel transfer pumps, lubricating oil pumps or as pressure sets for fresh or sea water.

Megator pumps can be supplied with a wide range of drives including single and three phase electric motors, petrol or diesel engines or pneumatic drive systems.

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