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Col Rowland opts for Aussie Fire Chief and Fire Captain light weight fire pumps

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Well known rural personality, Col Rowland, recently went through an evaluation of high pressure fire pumps for rural users. After comparing all specifications and features, Col awarded top marks to the Aussie Fire Chief and Fire Captain as the best light weight fire pumps he has ever seen.

Col Rowland has a wealth of experience in the rural industry, and it is known to thousands of farmers throughout NSW from his time as NSW Farmers Co-operative Rural Merchandise Manager. More recently, Col has set up his own direct farmers supply operation, trading as Col’s Farmers’ Ag Buying Services.

Col gives the Fire Chief top marks for its combination of great performance, user friendly features and value packed price. The Fire Chief produces a great combination of pressure and flow that makes it the effective lightweight fire pump of its kind in the world. For example, although it has a top pressure of 75 metres head (that’s over 100 psi), it will produce flows of up to 200 litres per minute at over 60 metres head. That is 200 litres per minute at over 80 psi.

The Fire Chief achieves this great performance because of its big belly body, huge 7 inch diameter impeller and superbly balanced hydraulic design that incorporates an advanced style volute. The pump is the choice of many fire fighting authorities and government departments including National Parks and Wildlife and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Farmers love the extra features like bolt on two inch suction flange that gives an easy access to the check valve for servicing or clean out. The farmers also love the standard steel skids with anti-vibration mounts (you do not get those on any other brand of pump) and the three way outlet with metal caps.

The Fire Captain version of the same pump comes with a heavy duty steel full roll frame with anti-vibration mounts as standard, at little extra cost.

Prime power for the Chief comes from Honda 5.5 or 6.5 HP engine that start first time, every time. Fast self priming is essential for fire fighting and a huge benefit in any rural pumping application. The Chief will self prime from depths of 7.6 metres, and does it faster than any other pump on the market.

With features and benefits like that, and a price that is hundreds of dollars lower than its competitors, one can see why the Aussie Fire Chief is a value for money. It has a genuine Jap Honda engine as specified by Australian Pump.

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