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A new heavy duty steam pressure cleaner designed for automotive and machinery wash down applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries .

Called the Super Indy T10-2, the machine develops a 2600 psi effective working pressure when used with an Aussie Pump hot turbo and has a maximum flow of 12 lpm.

The machine can operate from a standard 240 volt power point but delivers serious professional cleaning capabilities. The heart of the new Aussie Super Indy hot blaster is a heavy duty slow speed triplex pump with ceramic pistons.

The pump is driven by a 2.2 kw, 240 volt, four-pole motor designed to run at 1450 rpm.

Aussie Pumps Product Manager Hamish Lorenz believes that using a slow speed pump and motor adds to production costs but substantially increases operating life, virtually doubling longevity.

High speed machines offer similar performance but use substantially less material to achieve the same result by running at double the speed (i.e. 2900 rpm) Lorenz believes an advantage for operators with the Super Indy is that although it is a slow speed heavy duty machine, it retails for the price of a high speed.

The new machine incorporates a wide range of new features that enhance performance and add value.

These include a Total Stop device that cuts the machine out when the operator releases the trigger. This prevents the machine running on excessive bypass, a common cause of failure in high pressure piston pumps.

Micro-leak control is also standard. This feature shuts the machine down if a leak occurs in the high pressure system.

A low water control cut-out and low fuel cut-out is incorporated into the machine. The low fuel cut out switches off the boiler when diesel fuel is low.

The machines come on a steel chasis with big pneumatic tyred wheels for ease of movement in factory, car yard or building site. A steel bumper is built into the frame to protect the machine from damage.

Ergonomic dials give the operator complete control of the hot water function, allowing him to dial up temperatures of up to 120 degrees C. The steam function allows the unit to operate in oil or grease removal applications, minimising the need to use chemicals or detergents.

The machine comes with heavy duty hose and gun system with a stainless steel lance. The unit can operate at both high and low pressures with the operator having the facility to infinitely vary both pressure and temperature.

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