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Cast iron pumps prove reliability

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article image The cast iron Aussie -- built to ISO9001.
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AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries has increased its production of big 4" cast iron pumps for the construction and mining industries. The big Aussie GMP 4" pump offers flows to 2400 litres a minute and heads up to 45 metres.

Designed originally for construction site dewatering, the pumps will draught water from depths of six metres without the use of a foot valve. They have large open style impellers that will pass solids in suspension and prime fast without the use of prime vacuum pumps or priming devices.

The pumps have been well accepted by contractors in the earth moving business who operate tankers for both road damp down and batter spray. They are also used by government departments and shire councils for road tanker applications where fast refilling and reliable operation are the major criteria.

"Considering that a 14,000 litre tanker can be filled by this pump in less than seven minutes and you will understand why they are proving so popular," product manager John Whiteley said.

The pumps are available with either Honda petrol engine or diesel drive. They can also be supplied in hydraulic drive configuration for operation from truck or tractor mounted hydraulic system.

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