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Big Aussie Trash Pump Used to Divert Floodwater from Horsham CBD

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article image Miller’s Contractors deployed their 6” Aussie trash pump for floodwater diversion from Horsham’s CBD
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A huge 6,000 LPM 6-inch Aussie trash pump from Australian Pump Industries was used by Horsham Rural City Council to divert floodwaters from the Horsham CBD.  

The City Council, together with Miller Contractors were able to quickly deploy the diesel drive pump to divert water from Garden Estate stormwater basin near the Wotonga basin and into the Wimmera River.  

The 65HP diesel drive trash pump is compactly designed and trailer-mounted, enabling Miller Contractors to get the pump to the stormwater basin in record time for floodwater diversion and save the CBD from rising floodwaters.  

Miller Contractors’ staff worked alongside SES and Horsham Council to drain the flooded basin and divert the water to the river, a task that was achieved efficiently with the big pump’s huge flow capacity – a whopping 360,000 litres per hour.  

These self priming pumps also have excellent pressure characteristics with the ability to move water through a vertical discharge lift of 46 metres.  

Key features of Aussie Diesel Drive Pumps

  • Ability to self prime through a vertical lift of 7.6 metres
  • Primes first time, every time because of the huge tank built into the pump casings design
  • The unique Aussie system enables the pump to purge itself quickly of air once the engine starts, drawing water up through the suction line within a matter of minutes
  • The MQ600TD model can pass solids of up to 3 inches in diameter (76mm) using a non-clog impeller
  • Easy clean-out port mounted on the front of the machine enables the pump chamber to be cleaned of debris quickly
  • Deutz air-cooled 4-cylinder diesel engine offers electric start and built-in safety shutdown equipment
  • Shutdown system activates in the event of low oil pressure, high oil temperature or V belt drive failure
  • Oil lubricated tungsten titanium carbide seal designed to handle even abrasive slurry type liquids is used for sealing
  • Control panel is shock-mounted in a water-resistant housing and includes hour meter, ammeter, tachometer and alternator failure light

Aussie trash pumps come with a unique 3-year warranty.

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