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Australian Pump’s high pressure pumps for firefighting during harvest season

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Australian Pump Industries  presents a range of high pressure pumps designed to deliver top performance in firefighting applications.
The twin impeller pumps offer the performance required to douse potentially disastrous harvest fires.
With increasing cases of fires occurring during harvesting or slashing activities and El Nino conditions predicted for this harvest season, farmers must be prepared to act immediately to stop a crop fire in its tracks.
Fires during a crop harvest not only cause major crop damage and loss, but can lead to the destruction of expensive equipment. A number of combines were lost last year as a result of spontaneous combustion caused in part by the build-up of dry material in and around vehicles that provides potential fuel for fires generated by mechanical failures or exhaust sparks.
Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia points out that effective fire prevention means having the right equipment in the right place at the right time. He explains that traditional 5hp firefighters are simply not effective when it comes to serious crop protection. The bigger pumps produced by Australian Pump provide real firefighting performance and are available at a fraction of the cost of imported, more sophisticated firefighting equipment.
Key features of Australian Pump’s Mr. T high pressure twin impeller pumps: 

  • Choice of 2” and 3” pumps in high pressure configuration
  • Twin impeller pumps offer significantly improved flow at high pressure
  • Offered with 9hp, 10hp or 13 hp engines to provide sufficient torque for the pump to achieve required head and flow
  • Reaches maximum 95m head and delivers a maximum flow of 480 LPM
  • Handy roll frame and anti-vibration mounts supplied as standard equipment
  • Draughts from creeks, dams or wells
  • Vertical suction lift of 7.6m
Aussie Pumps also advises farmers to keep their pumps ready for the season. Josh Kingston from Griffith has maintained his pump in good condition over the winter season, having understood the importance of preseason maintenance in safeguarding his harvest and equipment.

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