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Australian Pump Industries releases semi trash mining pump

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ISO9001 quality 6 inch semi trash pump has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Designed for mines, quarries and construction site dewatering tasks, the big pump will shift up to 174,000 litres per hour.

Designed around the standard Aussie Pump self priming concept, the pump will draw water without additional priming aids from depths of 7 metres.

Called the Aussie Quik Prime QP601, the pump’s total head capability is 20 metres. The heart of the unit is a big open, non clog style, cast iron impeller and cast iron volute.

Both the impeller and volute is manufactured from high grade SG for abrasion and impact resistance.

The Aussie QP601 is capable of passing solids of up to 25 mm in suspension. A handy clean out door is built into the outer pump casing, below the suction port, to enable the pump to be cleaned out in the event of choking, without breaking pipe work.

Australian Pump Industries claim that the QP601 is suitable for dewatering, fast fill tanker applications and high volume transfers.

Although the pump is built to uncompromising ISO9001 quality standards, it represents ideal value for money compared to similar capacity European pumps.

According to Aussie Pumps, the big 6 inch gusher gives more water per litre of fuel, than any other pump on the market.

This makes it exceptionally economical to operate.

The pumps standard power unit is a Honda 13HP petrol engine, with Yanmar or Hatz air cooled diesels being also available as standard equipment.

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