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Australian Pump Industries offers Aussie Jet Max M99 series

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Townies and City dwellers are learning what farmers have known for years, that is, harvesting free water is both sensible and cost efficient. Townies and City dwellers know that it is a sin to waste rain water, when it can be harvest and put to good use.
All it takes is a good quality poly or concrete tank and a suitable automatic household style pressure system to harvest good quality rain water for all domestic applications.
Australian Pump Industries recently introduced a new range of stainless steel household pressure systems, with heads of up to 55 metres and flows to 50 litres per minute. That makes them suitable for two storey homes or large homesteads with the ability to run up to 6 taps simultaneously.
Called the Aussie Jet Max M99 series, the new stainless pumps feature a unique Press-Control style switch that turns the pumps on automatically as it senses demand. The Aussie Jet Max M99 series will run off a standard 240 volt power supply, and is powered by a high quality T.E.F.C (totally enclosed fan cooled) 1 HP single phase electric motor.
The high tech Press-Control switch turns the machine on and off as it senses demand and provide protection from dry running or loss of primes. The mechanical seal is manufactured from carbon ceramic, the shaft is stainless steel (AISI431), and the volute is made from a high tech poly carbon material that is impervious to corrosion.
For coastal installations, the pump is available with a 24 litre stainless steel tank that offers that ability to provide constant pressure without intermittent stop start action. That feature provides enhanced motor, switch and pump longevity.

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