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Australian Pump Industries offer diesel fire pumps for more safety

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article image Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia tries out a Mr T twin impeller pump with Yanmar diesel engine on his hobby farm near Arcadia
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Australian Pump Industries has developed a range of diesel drive fire fighting pumps that offers superior performance and safety.  

Diesel engine drive fire pumps are intrinsically safer than petrol drive fire pumps because diesel has a higher flash point.  

With the onset of summer, the Australian countryside is set to turn into a tinder box. Fire authorities and government departments are warning the public to have their personal and property protection plans in place.  

Available in both single and twin impeller configuration, the diesel fire pumps from Aussie Pumps are high pressure, high performance self-priming fire pumps with maximum firefighting capability coupled with the diesel engine drive for added safety.  

According to Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia, refuelling a petrol engine drive fire pump during mop-up firefighting duties amidst embers, sparks and smoke can cause a potentially lethal situation.  

The Aussie Fire Chief from Aussie Pumps is a range of high pressure fire pumps, delivering a huge 400 LPM flow at 60 metres head. Available in a diesel drive configuration, the fire pumps will self-prime from 7.6 metres, enabling it to draught water from streams, dams or tanks.  

‘Mr T’ twin impeller pumps come with a Yanmar 10 HP electric start diesel engine, and offer super high pressures, exceptional self-priming capability and high flow efficiencies.  

Mr Farrugia adds that the top quality Yanmar diesel engines deliver high fuel efficiency to operators who can get significantly more hours of operation out of a tank of fuel, a feature not to be underestimated in a firefighting situation.  

Key features of Aussie Pumps diesel fire pumps:  

  • Top quality Yanmar air cooled diesel engines made in Japan 
  • Engines available in manual or electric start configuration 
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame protects the unit and enables the pump to be easily moved 
  • Frame includes a galvanised steel sub-base supported by 4 rugged engine mounts to ensure vibration and amplitude-free operation 
  • Unique 5-year warranty 

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