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Australian Pump Industries introduces new pressure cleaner

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A new low cost, high quality, domestic style pressure cleaner, called the Aussie Eco Clean H112, has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The new model offers water savings when used on normal domestic cleaning chores.
With a maximum effective working pressure of 2600 psi and a maximum pump pressure of 1700 psi, the new machine uses pressure to compensate for water flows. This enables cleaning tasks to be completed with minimal water usage and maximum cleaning impact.
The heart of the system is an advanced designed axial piston pump with a maximum flow of 6 litres per minute. The pump offers stainless steel pistons as standard equipment and state of the art materials for seals to extend operating life.
The pump crankcase has a large capacity oil chamber to permit continuous cool running of the machine.
Powered by a compact 2 pole single phase 2.2HP electric induction motor, the H112 also offers users the protection of “total stop”.
Aussie “Total Stop” is a device that cuts the machine out automatically when the operator let’s go of the trigger.  When the operator activates the trigger the machine automatically switches on. 
This protects the machine from excessive bypass running, the major source of failure in pressure cleaners.
The new H112 comes with it’s own integrated trolley for ease of mobility. The new machine also features a built in detergent tank with automatic “twist of the wrist” detergent application controls.
The 6 metre high pressure hose is light weight but has a protective outer cover to resist abrasion and provide long trouble free life.

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