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Australian Pump Industries introduces Aussie Scud series of pressure cleaners and accessories

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article image Aussie Pumps’ Adrian Fiatarone during final testing of the New Aussie Scud high pressure blaster
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Australian Pump Industries  has recently launched a new series of machines and accessories aimed at the world market. Called the Aussie Scud series, the new system is based on a new range of pressure cleaners and accessories designed to provide more cost effective cleaning solutions, with minimal environmental impact.

The Scud series of pressure cleaners have been designed for tough, continuous cleaning applications. They are also heavy duty and ideal for use in contracting, construction, public utility, and for other similar heavy duty applications.

The heart of the machine is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex piston pump powered by popular Honda industrial petrol engines with either recoil or electric start options.

The new Aussie Scud series of pressure cleaners produce more pressure, combined with less flow, to get cleaning tasks completed quickly with less water. This means the system saves man hours, fuel and machine wear and tear.

Standard equipment includes a recently developed Aussie “soft start” unloader that releases pressure in the hose when the trigger gun is closed. This ensures that the hose is lighter to move, helping to reduce operator fatigue. Hose abrasion, a major maintenance issue for this type of equipment, is minimised.

The new Aussie Pulsar unloader produces no kickback when releasing the gun’s trigger reducing stress on the pump, the gearbox, and the operator.

The Scud series of high pressure cleaners and accessories features an ergonomic, galvanised steel frame that incorporates a wide range of design features that provide a combination of protection for the machine and its key components. The frame is finely balanced enabling operators to move the machine easily on site. Easy access for routine pump and engine maintenance, and integrated features make the blaster easy to store and mount accessories.

This pressure cleaning equipment comes with 4 big 13” steel wheels with big, rough terrain tyres, making it look like a cross between a Ferrari and a Bobcat.

Australian Pump called it a system because the machine is only the beginning of the program. A complete range of labour saving devices that make the operator’s life easier, get jobs accomplished faster, and provide better cleaning results are all part of the package.

A wide range of labour saving devices to make the operator’s life easier and provide better cleaning results are all part of the complete system.

These accessories include:

  • Fat surface cleaners
  • Easy mount high pressure reel kits that enable the stowage of up to 50 metres of high pressure hose; and
  • Top quality turbo lances designed to improve the machine’s “whack”
Australian Pump is proud of this product that has been designed to challenge industry in Europe and America at a competitive price.

A free information package on the Scud pressure cleaning system, including the accessories, is available from Australian Pump Industries and from Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.

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