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article image Australian Pump Industries’ Dianne McNab displays the new stainless steel high capacity draw tanks.
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AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries Pty Ltd has extended their popular Aussie Jet Max household water supply systems range with the introduction of new stainless steel jet pump.

Called the Jet Max M90, the new pumps are claimed to be particularly suitable for applications in coastal areas or where corrosive ground water is being handled.

Australian Pump says that both building and water supply authorities are recommending household owners install their own rain water collection and storage equipment. This enables them to be self sufficient in water supply for washing vehicles, topping up swimming pools or watering gardens.

The new Jet Max pumps are suitable for all these applications providing home owners with a new dimension of independence, says Australian Pump.

The Aussie M90 series offers pressures to 85 psi and flows of up to 75 litres per minute. This makes the new pump series ideal for household installations where up to six taps can be used simultaneously.

The pumps feature press control automatic switch gear or, stainless steel reservoir tanks, that provide anti cycling and less stops and starts in low flow conditions.

"We set out to come up with a range of highly efficient inexpensive pumps that could be used with household tanks in both suburban and rural applications," said Aussie Pumps’ Christie Ives. "The pumps can run off readily available 240 volt single phase power supply.”

The motor supplied includes thermal overload protection and a totally enclosed cooled fan. Mechanical seals are carbon ceramic and stainless shafts are standard.

The new Aussie stainless steel Jet Max series features long service life and are robust, reliable and inexpensive, says Australian Pump.

The Jet Max enables users to harvest, store and use rain water for a multitude of applications including the use of fully automated garden irrigation systems.

"Aussie Jet systems provide freedoms from the constraints imposed by water authorities," said Ives.

Contact Australian Pump Industries for further information including a free selection pack on the full Aussie Jet Max range or any Aussie Pump distributors throughout Australia.

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