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Aussie Viper mini reel from Australian Pump Industries

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article image Marcus Stewart of Longlife Plumbing shows off the portable Aussie viper mini reel that gives him control while cleaning drains remotely
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The new Aussie viper mini reel, available from Australian Pump Industries, makes clearing drains and hard to access locations easy. The new Aussie viper mini reel is designed for use with high pressure water blasters or sewer cleaning jetters up to 5,000 psi.

For example it can be teamed with the Aussie Cobra, Australia’s popular purpose built drain cleaning jetter.

The Aussie viper mini reel is lightweight and effective, providing plumbers with a major advantage in clearing blocked sewer lines or drains.

The Aussie viper mini reel consists of a 5,000 psi rated hose reel with stainless steel swivel mounted in a robust stainless steel carry frame to make it portable.

An integrated control system with onboard pressure gauge means the operator has total control of the whole cleaning function whilst remote from the main jetter.

“The Viper means cleaning drains is a one man job instead of the two man chore,” said Aussie Pumps Matt Dale.

The reel carries 60 metres of 1/4 “ R8 high pressure lightweight sewer cleaning hose. It can be equipped with a wide range of drain cleaning accessories including the Aussie Turbo Root Mulcher, a head designed to chop its way through tree roots in drains or sewer lines.

“Drain cleaning by using Aussie high pressure jetters is becoming increasingly popular because it’s done efficiently and without excavation,” said Matt Dale. “Plumbers love the idea of ‘no more digging’,” Matt Dale said.

The mini reel also comes with quick couples for easy connection to the jetter or to the selected drain cleaning nozzle for the particular job. The viper has quick coupler locations mounted on it as well as locations for nozzles so that the operator can select the right nozzle for the job without going back to the jetter or his van.

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