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Aussie Seamaster pump available from Australian Pump Industries

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Aussie Seamaster, a pump designed specifically for marine salvage and fire fighting, is winning international customers for Australian Pump Industries .

Australian Pump Industries developed the Seamaster specifically for commercial and military marine pumping applications.

“Our task was to come up with a pump that would handle salt water, oily waste, have high volume for salvage applications and a high enough pressure for serious fire fighting capability at sea. All that and the pump had to be diesel powered and weigh under 45 kilos,” said Aussie Pump’s Product Manager, John Whiteley.

“By teaming a lightweight, Yanmar air cooled industrial diesel engine with a unique Aussie polyester self priming pump, we were able to fulfil all those requirements,” he said.

Aussie Seamaster weighs in, including a robust galvanised steel frame, with heavy duty base and anti vibration mounts, at only 43kg and produces in its standard 2” configuration, flows of up to 720 litres per minute. Aussie Seamaster’s maximum pressure rating is 37 metres. That translates to 50 psi pressure.

Aussie Seamaster can run a heavy duty fire fighting nozzle and can throw a jet up to 50 metres. The Yanmar 4.8HP diesel engine provides loads of power and was chosen because of it’s excellent aftermarket service support and high torque to weight ratio.

The Aussie Seamaster’s unique materials of construction enable it to handle salt water, diesel fuel or oily bilge waste with ease. Buna elastomers are standard equipment and stainless steel fasteners are used right throughout the pump.

Self priming was an important factor in its design and the Aussie Seamaster will draught water through a vertical lift of 6.6 metres. That means that in an emergency fire fighting application the pump can use the unlimited supply of seawater. The Aussie Seamaster has been a big hit in France, Malaysia and right through the South Pacific.

The Australian Pump export department now has its eye on the Chinese market and expects developments in early 2009.

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