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Aussie Pumps unveil high voltage mining pumps

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Aussie Pumps have launched Tsurumi's 1000 volt, high voltage version of its KTZ mining pump series.

According to the company it is part of its long term plan to produce higher voltage, heavy duty submersible mining pumps.

“The company has been working hard on developing the 1,000 volt product range. The big news is that they will sell for the same price as conventional 415 volt versions” Aussie Pumps product manager, Craig Bridgement, said.

"The move of Tsurumi into the 1000 volt market really provides a major advantage for Australian mines," he said.

"Now they have a choice of being able to use a 415 volt or a 1000 volt pump of the same size and series for different applications on site. 

"This means part stocking, compatibility  of components, and service support are all simplified."

Designed for three phase operation, the new 1000 volt cast iron dewatering pumps was previously only available in 415 volt configuration.

The development of a 1000 volt submersible mining pump has been part of a long project for the company, which involved "major capital expenditure that included 1000 volt motor winding process and test apparatus" creation.

The new pumps feature water tight anti-wicking cable entry, which it achieves through an anti-wicking block at the cable entry section of the motor chamber.

"Even if the cable jacket is damaged or the tip of the cable is immersed in water, this device prevents water from travelling into the water chamber through capillary action," Aussie Pumps said.

"This device is a huge design enhancement as most submersibles fail as a result of water entering the motor through the cable gland."

The pumps also come with dual silicon carbide mechanical seals, which run in an oil chamber design that eliminates spring failure typically caused by corrosion or abrasion and keeps both surfaces of the mechanical seal lubricated and cool.

It has an 'oil filter' vane inside the oil chamber which circulates lubricating oil during pumping, ensuring that mechanical seals are lubricated even if the oil level in the chamber falls - extending routine pump maintenance periods and overall operational longevity.

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