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Aussie Pump’s water cart for efficient transport of water

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With Australia’s drought worsening daily, the need to efficiently transport water is becoming more and more important. Jim Camilleri of Glenwood set up a 8,000 litre water cart designed to fulfil both earth, work, dust suppression and water transfer duties in the most efficient form possible. The compact 8,000 litres steel tank fits snugly on the Hino cabin chassis with space for two Aussie self priming centrifugal pumps behind the cab. 

One pump, an Aussie Quik-Prime 4” gusher, loads and unloads the tanker at the rate of up to 1800 litres per minute. That means Jim can unload and be back on the road again in about 5 to 6 minutes.

Apart from its great flow characteristics the 4” Aussie Gusher will suck from 8.4 metres enabling Jim to load from creeks, dams or streams, if necessary. Fast priming is important and the QP402 Aussie Gusher can prime in as little as 15 seconds.

Jim uses the tanker for batter spray work on road construction and for subdivision works as well, with a Aussie Quik-Prime high pressure pump being used to provide loads of performance. He chose a 6.5HP electric start Aussie Fire Chief for this duty as it provides over 100 psi making it ideal for batter spray chores. 

Australian Pump Industries offer Australia’s extensive range of self priming centrifugal pumps for water cart applications. These include both diesel and petrol drive self priming pumps. More recently, the company pioneered the introduction of hydraulic drive water tanker pumps. 

Aussie Quik-Prime pumps are used on tankers of up to 22,000 litre capacity and are becoming increasingly popular for their fast priming, high flow and high pressure characteristics.

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