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Aussie King Cobra drain cleaning jetter goes diesel

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article image Aussie Pumps’ Bruce Hulm with the new diesel powered 5,000 psi King Cobra drain cleaner
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A diesel engine driven version of the Aussie King Cobra drain cleaning jetter has been released by Australian Pump Industries . Featuring 5,000 p.s.i. pressure performance, the machine, called the King Cobra HD is designed for applications like remote communities, stations and mines, where only diesel fuel is available.

The King Cobra is powered by a 20 HP Hatz air cooled diesel engine, and comes in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame with integrated hose reel. Designed to clear drains, sewer lines, and pipes in sizes up to 9 inch, the King Cobra provides a combination of pressure and flow that clears blockages fast.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini HD Series (Heavy Duty) pump that delivers 20 litres per minute flow at 5,000 p.s.i. pressure. The pump features a forged brass manifold with bolt down style valve caps, and is designed for years of trouble free life. Stainless steel valves, forged brass conrods, and unique Bertolini U seals minimise wear, providing maximum reliability.

The diesel King Cobra is the latest extension to the range of drain cleaning jetters designed and built in Australia by Australian Pump Industries.

Aussie Cobra’s are now working around the world, and are even operating in New York City. The machines are popular with plumbers because of their reliability, user friendly features, and integrated safety.

Futher features:

  • The ASP kit, fitted to all professional grade Aussie pressure cleaners, comprises a safety valve to protect the machine and operator in the event of the occurrence of a pressure spike, and a thermal dump that enables the machine to continue to run cool, even if left on continuous bypass.
  • The Aussie Viper Mini Reel, a portable reel that enables the operator to use the machine in difficult to access locations, i.e. indoors, clearing toilets and amenities in public parks, or even factories where the parent machine can’t actually get inside the building, to the job.
  • Like all Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetters, the big diesel comes complete with 60 metres of high pressure Aussie sewer cleaning hose, designed to SAE R8 standards and a complete nozzle kit that gives the operator a choice of selecting from a range of different nozzles for various drain cleaning applications.
  • Optional high pressure accessories like turbos, flat surface cleaners (the Aussie Spinner) and even sandblast kits are available to make the basic machine even more versatile for use by local government, contractors and general industry.
Each drain cleaning jetter comes with a wash down kit comprising a heavy duty gun and lance, which quick couples onto the long hoses supplied on the hose reel.

Australian Pump expect to generate extensive export activity for the diesel powered machine, particularly into third world countries where unleaded petrol is not readily available.

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