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article image Aussie Pumps Engineers are proud of the Raptors compact form and high performance function.
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Australian Pump has announced the introduction of the Aussie Raptor 500 bar (7200 psi) high pressure electric drive water blaster. Designed for extreme heavy duty application in industry, marine and mining areas the Raptor is the most powerful and productive blaster in it's class.

The new Raptor is designed to produce super high pressure but use minimal flow for even the toughest high pressure cleaning tasks.

"We have always developed machines with higher pressure and less flow to perform cleaning tasks faster and minimise water use," said Product Manager Hamish Lorenz. "The Raptor delivers intense performance but only uses a 13 lpm flow pump," he said.

The Raptor in its electric configuration runs at 1450 rpm and is close coupled to a super heavy duty 4 pole, 15 kw motor. The motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled with inbuilt thermostat protection.

A heavy duty switch is provided as standard equipment that includes safety cut out facilities designed to stop the machine if it goes into an overload condition.

The entire unit is mounted in a rugged steel wheeling frame with four 13" steel wheels with pneumatic tyres for ease of movement around site or plant.

The standard equipment includes 10 metres of high pressure hose with a 10,000 psi rated gun and lance combinations.

The Raptor is claimed to be the ideal boiler for wet abrasive blasting, paint stripping, steel preparation and boiler tube clearing.

A heavy duty Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance is available that delivers a whopping 14,000 psi EWP (1,000 bar) performance. The turbo is made from stainless steel and uses water velocity to multiply performance without using additional horse power.

Australian Pump intends to develop a diesel powered version of the machine before the end of 2006 designed specifically for resource extractive industries and marine applications.

"The Raptor has been developed to be built in assembly line style to minimise costs" said Lorenz. "Our target is to get the machine on the market for a fraction of the cost of similar pressure machines from Europe or the United States.”

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