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Dead weight tester services from Australian Pressure Laboratory

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Australian Pressure Laboratory  specialises in providing a range of dead weight tester certification services. Australian Pressure Laboratory is known for providing software for assistance while using the calibration data.

Overhaul and seal replacement services and cleaning the tester and weights and flushing the hydraulic fluids of such testers are some of the dead weight tester services available from Australian Pressure Laboratory.

Weight adjustment services to allow the calibration adjustment of the user’s tester to suit the local gravity are also handled by Australian Pressure Laboratory. Australian Pressure Laboratory has over 15 years of experience with various manufacturers and models including, Barnet testers, Si Instruments, Pressurements and Ametek.

Australian Pressure Laboratory offers a calculator program for providing assistance for the usage of the dead weight testers.

These calculator programs are easy to use and assist with various functions including, calculation of developed pressures and calculation of the uncertainties in the developed pressure to name a few.

These calculator programs from Australian Pressure Laboratory are useful in transferring test data to a spreadsheet or word processor and determining the weights required for a test pressure.

Testing instruments that display different pressure units and calculation of local gravity are some of the other functions of the calculator programs from Australian Pressure Laboratory.

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