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Australian Mould Release introduce mould release coating technology for plastic parts fabrication and hot runner systems

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Mould release is a technology requiring knowledge, skill and experience, and like all technologies, requires tools that evolve and progress. Australian Mould Release specialise in mould release coating technology for plastic parts fabrication, hot runner systems and parts protection.

Plastic parts fabrication: The demand for plastic parts requires solutions that can meet such demands. Shorter production processes must yield higher output volumes. This is where traditional, time-proven methods must give way to time-saving advancements in technology.

Price competitiveness reduces manufacturing profits, but these profits can be regained with shorter lead times and lowered operational costs. By incorporating a permanent mould coating, there can be substantial savings in labour, material and other operational costs.

A permanent coating also nullifies the need to use release agents. The removal of release agents in production processes has many positive implications. Money is saved from not having to purchase such chemicals. Time is saved from stoppages in cleaning off unwanted by-products, re-applying mould release products, maintaining stoppages, repairing cavities and removing stuck parts.

Hot runner systems: These systems are extensively used in moulding, but the gate wears down and melt flow channels get clogged or buildup causes uneven melt flow. Hot runner systems can also be coated thus extending gate operating life.

Melt flow is never continuous in a runner system. This means that melt can settle and buildup onto all parts of the system. With a mould coating, these buildups can easily be removed. The valves in such systems can also be coated. Runner/cavity ratio is maintained for longer periods when the runner system is coated.

Mould and parts protection: Coated mould cavities, cores, pins, inserts, screws, barrels, gates, valves, tanks and other parts are protected from corrosion when coated. Such parts are expensive and time and money are lost if they need maintenance or replacement during production. The low surface energy of coated surfaces also promotes faster, smoother melt flow and mould release.

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