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Australian Mining Prospect Awards Finalist: Innovative Mining Solution

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The shortlist for the 10th Annual Prospect Award's always heavily subscribed Innovative Mining Solution category.

ICMS - Bramco Electronics 
The Australian owned Bramco Electronics has developed a short line control and monitoring system which uses a single control unit for the integration of all monitoring points along the conveyor belts. 
The Integrated Control Management System (ICMS) is a microprocessor controlled system which can be used to either control or monitor the status of conveyor belts. 
Providing a cost effective solution to the mining sector, Bramco's ICMS includes built in diagnostics, eliminating the need for a separate diagnostics card. 
The system can withstand extreme conditions operating between -35 and +65 degrees Celsius, enabling comprehensive performance monitoring.

Drill alignment - Downhole Surveys 

Downhole Survey's new drill rig alignment solution, the Azimuth Aligner, utilises fibre optic gyros technology to improve drilling productivity and precision. The Azimuth Aligner enables underground and surface drilling rigs to be aligned by the driller in under five minutes, a task that traditionally takes about 1.5 hours. Requiring no foresight or backsight pins and no GPS, the aligner doesn't require surveyors and geologists to supervise the setup process. The portable device also reduces risk associated with breakthrough holes in underground mines.

JK Keeper - Eagle Alternatives  

Eagle Alternatives have designed a fuse keeper that can secure a fuse from the shock caused by explosions and machinery vibration, keeping control power fuses inserted and control power on, in the electrical box. 
The JK Keeper  is a moulded plastic two piece device, connected together in a way that allows the top paddle to spin in an upwards direction to give room for the fuses to be removed and replaced as required with an internal spring to ensure it returns to the retaining position easily.

Vertical Miner - Mancala 

Partnering up with German company Herrenknecht, Mancala has developed a Vertical Miner which uses field proven pipe jacking techniques to create a new approach to boxhole drilling. 
Typically boxhole drilling sees an operator exposed to falling rocks during drilling, the Vertical Miner operator is stationed remotely from the machine, increasing worker safety. 
Designed to boost productivity, the Vertical Miner provides significant time savings compared to conventional drill and blast operations or other existing raise drilling methods. 
Mancala's Vertical Miner has provided the mining industry with a machine that is able to do the same job safer and faster compared to conventional systems.

SentineX - Novecom 

Novecom has transformed established noise monitoring procedures to incorporate the continuous operating nature of mining activities. 
SentineX is a monitoring, data acquisition and reporting platform which operates remotely to provide advanced capabilities for the continuous monitoring of environmental conditions with minimal human intervention. 
The system enables users to manage the environmental impacts of their operations in real time, allowing quick, informed responses around noise, water, and dust monitoring.

Pipe Cutter - PIHA 

Taking inspiration from the humble chainsaw, PIHA have developed an engineered pipe cutting solution which removes operators from the cutting zone when sawing HDPE pipe. The PCI's saw blade is fully guarded when in an upright position, has an easy to reach fail-to-safe control, a locking mechanism to prevent uncontrolled releases, and is fitted with a physical enclosed barrier between the operator and the cutting zone. Electrically driven, it reduces exposure to noise and vibration and can be used for cutting medium to large diameter HDPE pipe.

Mining Supply Chain Suite - Quintiq 

The Quintiq software platform powers reality-based planning, scheduling and optimisation for complex business processes across all planning horizons. 
The Quintiq Mining Suite introduces methods and solutions used in other industries, which have traditionally not seen the profitability margins in boom time mining, to control production costs including optimised maintenance planning, workforce rostering, and inventory supply lines. Creating an integrated planning environment at the enterprise level, Quintiq's software aims to optimise operations from pit-to-port.

Women's mining PPE -She's Empowered 

Recognising a lack of suitable PPE for women in the mining sector She's Empowered has launched a line of tailored hi-vis workwear. 
With maternity options and sizes ranging from 6 to 16, the 100 per cent stretch cotton fabric is strong but not harsh, feels comfortable against the skin and allows for a full range of movement. 
The entire range is Australian Standard compliant, and even the buttons are enclosed - making ironing much easier. 
The flattering design aims to make women feel more comfortable in their uniforms on site.

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