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Australian Mining Prospect Awards Finalist: Excellence in Mine OH&S

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The shortlist for the 10th Annual Prospect Award's Excellence in Mine OH&S.

Dozer Lifter - Enerpac 
For the development of the DLS Series Dozer Lifter System, Enerpac have been nominated Excellence in Mine OH&S Award. Enerpac say the system was developed particularly for CAT D10s and D11s - features four-point custom synchronous lift technology to provide safe, level lifting and lowering for track and side frame maintenance of the dozers, while utilising single-operator lifting.  
"The DLS system is designed for deployment even at remote maintenance and service locations, where it can minimise the amount of time a dozer is out of service," Enerpac Australasia mining manager Warren Baltineshter said.  
Each lifting unit includes two hydraulically operated jacks with motorised locking rings for safe operation. Lifting and lowering of the jacks can be paused at any point, and the system will automatically secure the load mechanically until the operator is ready to begin lifting or lowering the dozer while a built-in alarm system will stop the synchronous lift in the event of malfunction. 

Safety Shower - Enware 
For the development of a battery operated shower and eyewash solution that can be used in remote locations, Enware have been nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award.  
The EM850 self-contained, battery powered unit incorporates a water storage capacity to operate both emergency shower and eyewash to AS4775-2007 standards, featuring a 1,350 litre tank with thermal insulation and thermal conductivity of less than 0.034 W/m/K. 
The EM850 does not need mains power or a plumbing connection and is contained within a robust stainless steel housing including crane connection points and a fully welded, integral pallet base to assist with transport and its relocation capabilities.  
Replaceable power is generated by two solar panel modules that are connected to a regulator which ensures the two maintenance-free batteries are always ready to go. The shower features a self-monitoring system.

FIFO Counselling 
For the implementation of providing 24/7 on-site counselling to BHP's remote Yandi mine, Anthony Ward has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award.  
As principal counsellor and mine camp manager, Ward says is he the only remote onsite counsellor in Australia and has also claimed the title of the most capped mine camp manager, having headed 17 mine camps.  
Ward said a recent incident on-site represents the importance of his counselling services. 

Pipe Cutter - PIHA 
For the development of an engineering solution that removes operators from the direct handling of chainsaw used to cut HDPE pipe, PIHA has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award.  
According to the company the key design features incorporated into the design of the safer pipe cutting tool includes full guarding for the saw blade when in the upright position, as well as locking mechanisms on the pipe cutter's handle to prevent inadvertent release, the fitment of a 'fail to safe' control switch on the drop arm of the machine which prevents unexpected or unsupported movement, and an enclosed barrier between the operator and the 'cutting zone'.  
PIHA also went on to say that with the tool being electrically driven,the operator's exposure to industrial noise and vibration is minimised, keeping operating and noise levels low to further increase operator safety. 

TIKS Pre-Start - Chocolate Coded 
For the development of a solution which allows employees to complete pre-start forms on smart phones and tablets, Chocolate Coded has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award. Not only has the system eliminated the need for paper forms, the solution allows the workforce to capture images of any faults, identify fault patterns and set alarm notifications and complete system integration. The company says pre-start forms are custom-built for each operation and can be sent to HSEC managers, increasing safety on site.

Coal Chute - T.W. Woods 
A coal chute refurbishment which helps eliminate problems such as premature chute and conveyor belt wear and blocking and product spillage has seen T.W. Woods nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award.  
The mining engineering company explained that the service applies to both underground and overland conveyor chutes used with mine and energy plant conveyors typically between 900-1200 millimetres with and up to 1200 tonnes per hour capacity.  
It also applies to chutes used by quarries. 
Refurbishment componentry, includes soft loading chutes in hood and spoon configurations and more robust materials such as high-impact, wear resistant chromium carbides. 
T.W. Woods also incorporates large radius turns into the chute design, which allows material to flow easier and not hang up, reducing wear on the chute and extending its life.

JK Jigger - Eagle Alternatives 
For the development of a blast suppressor for underground mining operations, Eagle Alternatives has been nominated for the Excellence in Mine OH&S Award. The company says since fully fitting out a working mine comprising of over 100 Jumbo, Jumbo/Pump & Pump Boxes with 50% of the boxes having two isolators handles on them there has not been a single isolator handle damaged from boxes fitted with JK Jiggers. Operators can see if the outlet can be isolated or not by ensuring the correct position of the isolator switch.

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