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Australian Made calls on Government to support country-of-origin branding

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The Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign has called for a commitment in Government for stronger support for country-of-origin branding.

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison explains that the Australian brand is one of the most powerful assets available to the country’s businesses in global markets, but unfortunately its value seems to have been consistently underestimated in government and bureaucratic circles for many years. 

He adds that a stronger focus on country-of-origin branding using Australia’s registered country-of-origin trademark – the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo – would help support manufacturers, farmers and processors producing genuine Aussie products.

The iconic green-and-gold kangaroo logo has been used by thousands of businesses to identify genuine Australian products and produce in Australia and overseas for nearly three decades. 

According to Mr Harrison, country-of-origin branding is an asset that should be strongly supported, especially in an environment where increased costs and a high $AUD have seriously undermined the competitiveness of many Australian products.

Australian Made has also called for steps to reduce the unacceptable level of confusion among Australian consumers about the country-of-origin labelling laws in Australia. By rebuilding confidence in the system, marketing value can be added to the manufacturing, growing and processing of products in the country.

He also said that there was more than enough public benefit associated with the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo to justify a much deeper, strategic partnership between the Government and the campaign behind the logo.

Calling upon the Government to work together with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign, Mr Harrison said that jobs, better career opportunities and an improved future for all Australians will be the outcomes of such a partnership.

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