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Australian Made: Ford didn’t understand the value of being Aussie-made

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Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign  believes the biggest disappointment about the announced closure of Ford Australia’s manufacturing operations is that the company never played the ‘Aussie-made card’ in its marketing campaigns.

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison points out that the announcement is not a reflection on the engineering or build quality of the current models; it is the marketing of Ford’s Australian-made products that has been the biggest disappointment.

According to Mr Harrison, a campaign based around its Australian workforce could have had a huge impact. Given the growing sense of uncertainty in the community about future job prospects, consumers in this type of environment would have been more receptive to a campaign focussed on the consequences of their shopping decisions.

Recently released research by Roy Morgan Research reveals that 88.5% are more likely to buy Australian-made products over products manufactured in other countries.

Today’s announcement sends yet another message to Governments at all levels to provide support for an ongoing campaign educating consumers about the value of buying Australian. By keeping the benefits of buying Australian top of mind, consumers can make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing goods as significant as motor vehicles.

Mr Harrison adds that Ford ironically will continue to sell its range of imported cars in Australia, all of which will be subsidised to some extent by Governments elsewhere. Meanwhile a truly world-class, Australian-made product is now going out the back door.

The Australian Made Campaign is the not-for-profit organisation that administers the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo. The AMAG logo is the registered certification trade mark that labels a product as authentically made or grown in Australia.

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