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Australian Institute of Petroleum – promoting the industry within Australia and overseas

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The Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) was established in 1976 with the aim of representing Australia’s petroleum industry, and since then, has acquired recognition nationally and internationally.

Comprised of oil and gas companies operating within Australia, from Caltex and BP through to Murphy Oil and Woolworths Ltd, the organisation operates in accordance with the following mission:

“To promote and assist in the development of a strong internationally competitive Australian petroleum products industry, operating efficiently, economically and safely, and in harmony with the environment and community standards.”

The petroleum organisation aims to achieve this mission by:

  • Working alongside government and regulatory bodies to ensure they develop policies and regulations that consider the petroleum industry
  • Ensuring issues and conflicts facing the petroleum industry are resolved collectively
  • Facilitating the development of a petroleum industry that is economically robust yet sustainable 
  • Encouraging members to adhere to safety, performance, and product quality standards unique to the petroleum industry
  • Encouraging members to consider the environment 
  • Ensuring the broader community is aware of what the petroleum industry does and its impact on the Australian economy
The organisation is headed by a Board, which is comprised of chief executives and senior representatives of oil and gas companies in Australia, as well as an Executive Director.

The Board is responsible for submitting discussion papers to governments and collecting and distributing information of relevance to the petroleum industry to members and the general public, among others.

Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from chooyutshing’s Flickr photo stream

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