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Sarah Squire wins inaugural Harry Lovell Award

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The inaugural Harry Lovell Award was recently awarded to Sarah Squire, Product Development Manager, Recochem, Queensland.

Sarah was chosen as the Australasian student of the Diploma in Packaging Technology course, achieving high final exam/dissertation results of the year.

The award was presented by Harry Lovell personally in a surprise presentation at the Recochem offices, with over 30 people in attendance for this inaugural presentation.

Harry Lovell highlighted the importance and responsibilities of packaging technologists in the industry today and encouraged Sarah to consider the soon to be commenced, Advanced Diploma of Packaging.

Over 6,000 students have now completed the internationally recognised, UK based course since its inception in the 1950's.

Greg Windsor, Vice Chairman of the Queensland AIP, conducted the introductions and informed the Recochem staff of the key roles packaging technologists like Sarah will play in the future of our economy.

“Packaging Technologists play such an important role in the current environmental debate and having young, smart, passionate and informed persons such as Sarah will play a key role in pin-pointing the important issues and doing something about them in their place of employ and the wider field."

Pierre Pienaar, Sarah’s tutor commended Sarah on her academic excellence and stated she was a clear choice for this award and encouraged her to consider further academic studies.

David Boxall, the Managing Director of Recochem, also praised the positive outlook, Sarah brings to Recochem every day.

Sarah, after several screams of delight, slices of cake and rounds of applause, was pleased to say she was excited by the surprise of the award. Sarah went on to say that she encourages more packaging industry personnel to undertake the Diploma and thanked Recochem for sponsoring her through the Diploma.

“I am very pleased to be the recipient of the Harry Lovell award. I would like to thank Recochem for giving me the opportunity to complete this Diploma and my tutor Pierre Pienaar for all his support, encouragement and sharing his wealth of knowledge.”

“There are many others in the packaging industry who have inspired me and encouraged me and made this all possible and I would like to thank them too. The packaging industry is an exciting industry; it’s dynamic, fun, highly technical, and always changing. I recommend this Diploma to anyone in the packaging industry wanting to improve their packaging knowledge and I am looking forward to completing more studies in this area.”

According to Ralph Moyle, Chairman of the Queensland AIP "Sarah Squire is a credit to the profession of packaging technologists in the enthusiasm and intellect she brings. As the winner of the inaugural Harry Lovell award, Sarah has set a high standard for future student as well as an encouragement for others to upgrade their skills with the Diploma of Packaging."

Llew Stephens, National President of the Australian Institute of Packaging also personally congratulated Sarah for her achievements and added “On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the members of the Australian Institute of Packaging we congratulate Sarah Squire on winning the inaugural Harry Lovell Award,”

“The AIP holds Professor Emeritus Harry Lovell in high esteem and when he was advised that Sarah was the worthy winner, this was a significant endorsement of her efforts. We hope that Sarah’s win will be an inspiration to other students studying the Packaging Diploma,”

“We all wish Sarah well in her future endeavours and hope that all of her hard work results in an enjoyable career in the packaging industry for many years to come. I invite all of you to congratulate Sarah on her outstanding efforts.”

The award honours and recognises Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell’s commitment and significant contribution over twenty five years to education and training in the AIP and in particular with the Diploma of Packaging Technology in Australasia.

Harry was instrumental in developing and designing all of the accreditation for education within the Packaging Industry and this award is a fitting way to recognise his outstanding achievements and contribution to the industry.

The Diploma in Packaging Technology was launched in 1955 by the Institute of Packaging in the U.K.

In 1972 it was presented in a Distance Learning mode which eventuated in it being provided to students in twenty seven countries around the world.

In 1980 the AIP took over the responsibility for tutoring the program in Australia, New Zealand and a number of S.E. Asian countries, an arrangement which has continued until the present day.

During this time the World Packaging Organisation recognised the course as a perfect one. The course has been progressively revised over the years, culminating in the on-line presentation recently introduced.

Concurrently it has been accredited by the Quality and Curriculum Authority in the U.K. and through the Packaging Industry Awarding Body Company (PIABC) the AIP has been audited and granted Centre and Award approval.

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