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Misbah Khan has received the Harry Lovell Award for excellence during technical training

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The Harry Lovell Award has been presented for the third time since 2006, to Misbah Khan, Packaging Technologist at PZ Cussons in Melbourne.

The Harry Lovell Award was developed by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) in recognition of outstanding achievement by a student in their final examinations leading to their Diploma in Packaging Technology.

Pierre Pienaar, National President of the AIP spoke of the benefits of technical training, “It is our responsibility to provide people with educational opportunities today, to meet the demands of the workplaces of tomorrow. Education is for life, it is an investment that cannot be lost, spent or taken away.”

Khan thanked his mentor and manager, John Simon for the motivation and packaging insight he gave while Khan was completing his technical training.

“It is a great honour to be the recipient of the 2010 Harry Lovell Award,” Khan said.

“I would like to express thanks to PZ Cussons for giving me the opportunity to undertake this Diploma, in particular to my mentor and manager, John Simon for all the motivation and packaging insight provided.”

Khan went on to also thank his tutor for offering valuable guidance and feedback.

The distance education course was like an extension of his packaging technologist role as opposed to an intensive technical training course requiring strict self discipline, he said.

“Working across a variety of packaging formats I have always found strong relevance with the course material to my daily packaging work, making it easy to reinforce and implement new learnings. My final dissertation topic allowed me to go beyond my technical knowledge and challenge my commercial skills. I find the dynamic and technically challenging nature of the packaging industry very motivating. I would highly recommend the Diploma degree and other AIP educational programmes to packaging professionals seeking to challenge and broaden themselves.” Khan said.

“Packaging Technologists play such an important role in the current environmental debate and having young, smart, passionate and informed persons such as Misbah can play a key role in tackling those important issues and maybe doing something about them in his current place of employment,” Pienaar said.

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