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Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell, FAIP recognised in Australia Day Honours 2008 with an OAM

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article image Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell, FAIP

Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell, FAIP has been awarded an OAM in the Australia Day Honours 2008.

Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell a fellow of the AIP has been recognised for his outstanding and significant contribution to business and commerce through the food and packaging industries, particularly as an advocate for education and training.

“On behalf of the AIP National Board and Members we offer well deserved congratulations to Harry. There is little doubt that without his hard work, usually in a voluntary capacity, the AIP would not be in existence today.

"We also have Harry to thank for the healthy state of our education offerings and there are several thousand Australians with a better understanding of packaging and food as a result of Harry’s teachings and seminars,” Llew Stephens, FAIP, Australian Institute of Packaging national president.

“This is a wonderful honour to Harry to be awarded the OAM. It is encouraging to see that such an enthusiastic gentleman has been recognised for his untiring focus and dedication to hard work usually in a voluntary capacity.

“The AIP and packaging education is in his blood. There are hundreds and hundreds of past students who are most grateful to his dedication to training that now have a better understanding of packaging as a consequence of his free sharing of his vast knowledge through lectures and seminars. This recognition shown to him is well deserved, congratulations.” Pierre Pienaar, FAIP.

“It was wonderful to read Harry’s name in the paper on Australia Day and the award truly reflects the enormous effort Harry has for the packaging industry and how he continues to inject his passion and enthusiasm into the lives of those around him, across our industry and especially in the AIP,” George Ganzenmuller, FAIP.

“Without Harry’s close relationship and continuous communication with the IoP in England, the Diploma would not be currently running in Australia. His role as organiser, advocate, nurturer and mentor for the diploma has ensured that the Australian packaging industry has the educated staff they need and deserve.

“The OAM was long overdue for someone who has tirelessly and quietly played a hugely significant role in packaging education in Australia. Now at last his important contribution has been recognised”. Dr Gordon Robertson, FAIP.

Professor Harry Lovell is a chartered packaging technologist and food technologist with over fifty years industry experience in packaging and food manufacturing.

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