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Australian Institute of Packaging welcomes new National President

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article image Outgoing Australian Institute of Packaging National President, Craig Wellman, with incoming National President, Pierre Pienaar

The Australian Institute of Packaging has this year appointed a new National President, Pierre Pienaar FAIP.

Welcomed during the 2010 National Conference, Pierre, believes in the packaging industry and is motivated to take on this role.

“The packaging industry is an industry whose importance is never to be under estimated. The industry and its final product affects every single member of our planet’s population. Not many industries can claim such an impact," says Pierre.

"I feel that as a consumer of both the end product and the remuneration I receive from this industry for my family’s well being, that I have a real responsibility to be giving to the industry in a significant way. This is a competitive industry - from the raw material phase all the way through to the packaging grave. It’s a fast evolving industry and we have a huge responsibility to remain current, to remain educated and to be informed about our chosen industry,” he adds. 

Pierre comes into his new role recognising that the Australian Institute of Packaging has, in the past 47 years, been a body passionate about the integrity of packaging in Australia. The institute strives to offer its members, and the packaging industry as a whole, opportunities to learn and be informed about the latest technology, materials, consumer demands and responsibilities related to packaging.

"As National President of this very important institute, I offer a sincere interest in the field of packaging. I want to invite the contribution of thoughts, ideas and energy into making this a vibrant, productive and meaningful industry that focuses always on being responsibility custodians of our earth’s resources,” says Pierre.

During his welcom at the 2010 National Conference, Pierre passed on his thanks to his predecessor in the role of National President, Craig Wellman, noting him as having certainly raised the bar in terms of the profile of the Australian Institute of Packaging and as having been an inspiration and a leader by example by demonstrating to all of those on the Board that a major closures company can be run successfully while still remaining the president of a vibrant Institute.

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