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Australian Institute of Packaging participates in a conference

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An examination of the globe will show that New Zealand and Australia are beside each other. The countries met recently to play Rugby in the Bledisloe Cup where after a tight tussle Australia was victorious.

Two Kiwi Packaging professionals had made the trip to Melbourne for the rugby event and graciously agreed to show that in Packaging their country is in the big league.

Cameron Gilliland Business Development Manager of ITW Fastex New Zealand was passed the ball to start the presentation and was supported by Glenn Woodworth Director of Blue Sky Packaging who had the run down to the final goal.

Both showed that their company goal is to kick the opposition and be winners. While each company is the NZ alliance of a global network it is clear that they understand the message ‘think global act local”.

Cameron Gilliland explained in great detail by verbal and example the variety of taps and fitments used in bag-in-box and rigid container packaging and the range of security based products.

The former are in three groups, taps, spouts/caps and dispensers whilst the latter entail such things as buckles and fasteners for hand applied strapping and security seals. Woolworths rely solely on the Fastex security seal to protect goods within the supply chain.

Livestock tags for paddock to plate control is a burgeoning market and just to keep the rugby rivalry in focus ITW Fastex is selling security tags for use in Kangaroo and other marsupial population surveys into Australia.

The company’s mission is to be a solutions provider through strategic alliances. A number of innovative designs were shown which are all based on bringing value to your brand.

A volume container that has a refillable spray bottle fitted within the body was the subject of much discussion; as was the soon to be released aseptic tap, and other developments going forward in the hospitality arena.

Bringing value to your brand was a real not a dummy pass to Glenn Woodworth who headed toward goal with the question “do you really consider the importance of your brand” and went onto preach the Zip-Pak gospel which is to get the edge on convenience branding with Resealable Packaging Innovations.

Zip-Pak is the large supplier of zipper closers with 470 designs of which over 200 are covered by intellectual property rights. Just on fifty years ago the first zippered closure was launched on school pencil cases.

Since that launch the design and applications have become common place but there are three basic designs, sliders, press to close and PerfCap which are then turned into unique purpose designed variations on the theme.

Many will be familiar with sliders and press to close but the PerfCap is somewhat less well-known, however it has huge potential.

The innovations on the original are PerfCap Zipper Tape and PerfCap Ez Open-Strip which feature easy-open technology, enabling quick and safe access to package contents without the use of scissors, knives or other sharp objects.

This resalable feature allows space for package graphics and marketing messages either in reusable packages or one-time use applications.

Globally results driven companies are converting to zippered closures for consumer packs, and applications thought impossible a few years ago are now becoming ho-hum.

Liquid zips for soups and wet ready meals, powder proof and non-cloggy zips for flour, coffee and zips that convert to a pouring spout are just some.

Overarching the delivery of product information was the message that zippered closures are having a massive impact on protecting and enhancing brands.

As well as the mutual love of sport residents of both countries enjoy a beer and outdoor activities so the testimonial from one of Zip-Pak customers will be received without debate.

Graham Cheesborough, managing director of Blue Keld said “We use spring water to make our ice and wanted packaging that would reflect the high quality of our product. The new resealable package has helped differentiate our brand from the competition. Consumers have responded extremely well to the additional convenience”

So no matter what product you are marketing there may be a latent improvement within the kit of tools offered by the companies that provided a taste of what is happening to support your brand.

After a spirited question time the National President of Australian Institute of Packaging Llewellyn Stephens presented the guests with a bottle of Australian wine. New Zealand wine is another arena where friendly rivalry exists.

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