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Australian Institute of Packaging half day training courses head to South Australia

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The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) have announced that they will be taking their successful half day training courses into South Australia with the first course, ‘Packaging for Product Life Extension’. The extension of shelf life using modern packaging techniques plays an important role in food packaging. The Australian Institute of Packaging training course will examine a range of integrated technologies with the emphasis on the packaging operation, the materials used and their selection.

The technologies will include modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum and gas packaging, canning and retort pouches, non-thermal processing and aseptic and clean fill packaging, active and smart packaging. The training course will also examine the development of the use of natural compounds and their impact on packaging and the extension of shelf life. Ancillary operations such closures, sealing processes including adhesives will be covered together with the use of shelf life indicators. Finally the environmental issues will be examined.

The course presenter will be Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell, FAIP who has been involved in packaging since the early 1960s and in particular has practical experience in the role and preparation of specifications. Harry Lovell is currently a consultant to Meat and Livestock Australia, a judge for the Australian and Southern Cross Packaging Awards and the new Educational Awards. He is a contributor to the PCA educational programme. The Australian Institute Packaging half day training course will be held at the Regency International Centre (TAFE SA), Regency Park, Adelaide.

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