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Australian Institute of Packaging Announces Harry Lovell Award Winner

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article image Nina Cleeve-Edwards - Harry Lovell Award Winner

During the 2010 National Conference, the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) announced the winner of the Harry Lovell Award.  

This award is designed to recognise outstanding achievement in the examinations leading to the Diploma in Packaging Technology.  

This year the Harry Lovell award has been presented to Nina Cleeve-Edwards, Packaging Ecodesign Specialist, Nestlé Research Centre Switzerland.  

“Thank you very much for this award! It means a lot to me to be recognised in an industry in which I enjoy working so thoroughly,” Ms Cleeve-Edwards said.   

“The Diploma in Packaging Technology has been a fantastic opportunity to have insight into a broad cross-section of the industry and to explore some of the packaging areas I have not yet been exposed to, and has reinforced to me not only the importance of packaging but also what an exciting and stimulating area it is within which to work (and one that can take you anywhere in the world),” she said.   

“I appreciate greatly the efforts the AIP are making to promote packaging education and the offering of the Diploma in Packaging Technology – it is great to have formal, recognised training in this area. Thanks also to Nestlé for the support that enabled me to undertake and complete the Diploma and for the hands-on experiences that have helped me to develop my knowledge about packaging technology,” Ms Cleeve-Edwards said.  

New National President, Pierre Pienaar FAIP added that there is an important role for packaging technologists in the industry today and awards like this allow technologists to be recognised.   

“The AIP National Board commends Nina on her academic excellence. She was a clear choice for the Harry Lovell Award and we encourage her to consider further academic studies,” Mr Pienaar said.  

“Packaging Technologists play such an important role in the current environmental debate and having young, smart, passionate and informed persons such as Nina can play a key role in tackling those important issues and maybe doing something about them in her place of employment,” he said.  

Nina is a credit to the profession of packaging technologists in the enthusiasm and intellect she brings. As this year’s winner of the Harry Lovell award, Nina has set a high standard and is an encouragement for others to upgrade their skills with the Diploma of Packaging.  

“The AIP National Board wish Nina well in her future endeavours and hope that all of her hard work results in an enjoyable career in the packaging industry for many years to come.” Mr Pienaar said.

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