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AIP to run new intellectual property course

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article image Sharon Givoni, Intellectual Property lawyer
The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) announces a new half-day training course on Intellectual Property, Packaging and Labelling (Legal) on Wednesday, the 10th of October in St Kilda, Victoria.
To be presented by Sharon Givoni, an experienced Intellectual Property lawyer, the half-day training course will provide attendees an overview of important considerations relating to packaging, labelling and Intellectual Property laws. The interactive session will also provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss legal packaging and IP concerns related to their own businesses.

Course objectives

Attendees will be taken through designing packaging and labelling, protecting it from a legal perspective and staying within the boundaries of the law, especially when making packaging claims.
Attendees will also consider the laws that affect packaging, labelling, advertising, design and promotion of products, including mandatory product-specific labelling standards, protecting the visual appearance of packing including shape and configuration, trade mark and brand protection, copyright, misleading and deceptive labelling as well as avoiding ‘Green’ and recyclable claims.

The half-day training course will also cover recent case studies based on real life scenarios.
Benefits from attending the course:
  • Understanding of Intellectual Property rights
  • Updates in the law through interesting case studies
  • Practical tips
  • Knowledge and awareness of legal obligations with respect to packaging and labelling
  • Seeking legal advice
  • Comprehending the consequences of ‘getting it wrong’
  • Discovering legal opportunities for a competitive edge
  • Turning the brand into an ‘asset’
Who should attend?

Anyone in the packaging industry ranging from manufacturers of packages, brand managers, retailers and product developers to businesses that market products would benefit from attending this course. The issues will also be relevant to importers and retailers.

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