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AIP to introduce new Advanced Plastic Packaging course

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The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is introducing a new half–day training course on Advanced Plastic Packaging.

The first course is being held on Thursday the 8th of September at the Viewpoint Centre, St Kilda, Victoria, and will follow an Introduction to Plastics half-day training course that will be held in the morning at the same venue.

Overview of Advanced Plastic Packaging course  

Given that hundreds of identified ‘species’ of synthetic polymers are available in a range of molecular masses with most being influenced by processing conditions, choice in plastics in almost limitless. Polymer science is the subfield of materials science concerned with polymers, primarily synthetic polymers such as plastics.  

The three main sub-disciplines of polymer science include polymer chemistry, polymer physics and polymer characterisation.  

Polymer chemistry or macromolecular chemistry is concerned with the chemical synthesis and chemical properties of polymers while polymer physics is the study of bulk properties of polymer materials and engineering applications.  

Polymer characterisation is based on the analysis of chemical structure and morphology as well as the determination of physical properties in relation to compositional and structural parameters.  

Course objectives: 

  • Cover certain aspects of organic chemistry, revisit the raw materials, syntheses and applications, and briefly touch upon manufacturing and moulding
  • Course participants will be taken through the main classes of plastic materials as a function of the molecular properties of polymers used in the plastics industry
  • Discuss the molecular structure of plastics in relation to the two main families of plastics, namely thermosets and thermoplastics
  • Understanding of composite materials, crystallinity, melt flow index, polymeric orientation, heat shrink properties, viscoelasticity and capillary rheometry among others
  • Applications in the industry, discussing possible industry polymer issues and problem resolution

Who should attend

The half-day training course on Advanced Plastic Packaging is designed for attendees of the ‘Introduction to Plastics’ course, or those who have spent a number of years in the plastics industry.

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