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AIP offers new course on modified atmosphere packaging

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article image Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell OAM, FAIP

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is introducing a new half-day training course on Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Barrier Materials.

To be presented by Emeritus Professor Harry Lovell OAM, FAIP, the first course will be held on Thursday the 24th of November at the Viewpoint Centre, St Kilda, Victoria.

Course overview

Though the concept of creating a specific atmospheric environment to suit specific products is not new, increased understanding of the biochemical pathways coupled with the advances in plastics has opened new opportunities for product protection and shelf life extension.  

The development of new and sophisticated barrier materials has also resulted in broader applications as well as new processing techniques.  

The development of modified atmosphere packaging extends to active packaging, which provides the opportunity to ‘manage’ the atmosphere of a pack by absorbing or releasing gaseous components and maintaining quality with the extension of shelf life.  

Course objective  

This half day course will cover the concept of modified atmosphere packaging and its application to fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, followed by the functional attributes of MAP films. The course will also examine recent developments and future projections of Active Packaging.  

The course will also cover:  

  • Nanotechnology and its applications covering film inclusions, e.g., nanofibres and nanoclays and their use in MAP 
  • Advances in polymeric films including sustainability together with the technical assessment and monitoring of Modified Atmosphere packs 
  • Risk assessment by EFSA of the application of nanoscience and nanotechnologies in the food and feed chain     
Who should attend?  

The half-day training course is designed for anyone who has an interest or involvement in the use of MAP and Barrier Materials. 

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