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AIP and PAK NZ to present half-day packaging economics training course in July

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The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with PAK NZ will present their Introduction to Packaging Economics Half-Day Training Course in New Zealand on the 24th of July.

Introduction to Packaging Economics Half-Day Training Course

Packaging represents a significant investment in any brand with innovation and design driving improved consumer utility and function. Packaging protects and preserves its valuable contents through the supply chain delivering the product to the consumer in the state intended by its brand owners.

Packaging also represents a major cost to its brand owners and users of packaging remain under constant pressure from rising costs due to raw materials, energy and on-costs. Understanding and achieving ‘cost effective packaging’ remains the key to ensuring that the company remains competitive in today’s tough trading environment.

AIP’s half-day professional development course provides a comprehensive and non-mathematical introduction to the economics of packaging, reviewing the main drivers of packaging costs including material selection and importantly, how and what to look out for in achieving cost savings. Covering primary and secondary packaging, this course will assist participants not only with driving efficiencies across existing packaging formats but also assist in new product development.

Course objectives

At the completion of this half day course, the student should be able to:

  • Discuss the packaging costs
  • Discuss the elements of packaging costs
  • Classify the costs
  • Discuss the guidelines for Cost Effective Packaging
  • Describe how to prevent unnecessary costs creeping into the supply chain
  • Identify the factors required for successful packaging from a cost perspective
  • Understand the basics of packaging economics
  • Acquire an appreciation of future trends and developments with the cost confines of packaging
Who should attend?

This course is intended for people who have a direct involvement in packaging operations within all packaging associated industries including the production, development, technology, purchasing, sales, QA/QC, marketing, regulatory and development functions.


The course will be presented by Pierre Pienaar.

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