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AIFST Convention focuses on future of food system

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Small eggs, farm house eggs, free range eggs, vegetarian eggs, omega-3 eggs – what has happened to nature’s simple, well-packaged sphere of nutrition?

Well according to John Floros, President of the Institute of Food Technologists and Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, USA, this is the new way of doing business in the food industry – same food, more variety.

Speaking at the 41st Annual Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) Convention in Sydney, John Floros addressed the future of the food system, highlighting the opportunities and challenges currently facing the food industry in an era of increasing globalisation.

“In today’s society consumers have a much greater awareness about their health and well being. They are placing demands on the food industry for tasty, convenient, safe, healthy and fresh foods produced in an environmentally friendly manner with sustainable methods,” said John Floros.

“In short this means food manufacturers are consumer driven and are providing a greater array of products for buyers to choose from,” he added.

Other driving forces for the future of the food system also highlighted by John Floros included changing demographic profiles throughout the world, energy security policies, efforts to improve environmental health, demand for a safe food supply, global competition and increasing demand in the international food market, and rapids advancements in science and technology.

For those in the food industry, these factors determine apply pressure on what and how much is produced, the type and extent of processing raw products into value-added consumables, and the distribution of food products domestically and worldwide.

So, returning to the original question about eggs, they are simply keeping up with the future of food, having been put through the scrambler to produce a wide range of varieties to fulfil the consumer market’s recent eggspectations.

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