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Australian Gas Springs have increased their stock range by introducing their new LiftEasy chair struts.

It is Australian Gas Springs’ priority to continually build stock levels with quality products that relate to the range they offer.

With new LiftEasy chair struts, Australian Gas Springs has the complete package to satisfy its customer’s requirements.

LiftEasy chair struts are a lockable gas strut purpose, built for a variety of chair applications and are comfortable and adjustable for seats in office chairs, executive chairs, stools, etc.

In many seat applications there can be weight absorption or bending concerns, which is normally caused by uneven weight distribution. T

his problem is overcome by Australian Gas Springs’ high quality pressure cylinder that is supported by the internal gas strut and the additional outer casing provided.

Australian Gas Springs are now considered one of the large gas strut suppliers in Australia. Australian Gas Springs carry a large range of standard struts, stainless struts, rigid locking struts, chair struts, cabinet struts, and seat dampers and hold a comprehensive accessory range.

Additionally, Australian Gas Springs is heavily involved in supplying the trailer industry and carry the following LiftEasy hardware products; folding T handles, compression locks, over centre fasteners, piano hinge, lashing rings, antiluce, and spring locks.

As part of Australian Gas Springs’ service, they offer personalised labels on all gas struts purchased. With Australian Gas Springs own in-house printer, they provide customers with their company name, phone numbers, logos etc etc.

Additionally, Australian Gas Springs have full testing and gassing facilities that are certified to Australian Standards. This ensures we produce high quality products assuring customers receive the correct goods gassed to the correct pressures.

LiftEasy products are exclusive to Australia and New Zealand and are exported to different parts of the globe. Australian Gas Springs’ gas struts come with a unique twin vulcanized sealing system.

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