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Why proper forklift training is essential

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The latest article in the Forklift Safety series by Australian Forklift Training focusses on the importance of training for forklift operators before they take over the machine’s controls at any workplace.

Though several big companies have long recognised the value of forklifts within their operations, they often tend to forget the human factor involved in using the machine.

Like any other vehicle, forklifts also require the right training for the person handling it. Operating a forklift involves complexities that are radically different from driving any other type of vehicle. With the help of quality forklift training, such as the courses offered by Australian Forklift Training in Sydney, operators can learn to handle the machine with due consideration to safety and knowledge.

6 reasons why proper forklift training is essential:

1. Improves efficiency and cuts back on time

Correctly trained forklift drivers who have earned their forklift ticket professionally can operate safely and efficiently. Their ability to transfer or transport heavy goods in a steady prompt manner results in better output for the business without compromising the safety aspect, which benefits the operation immensely.

2. Promotes safety for your team and people

Allowing an untrained or improperly trained driver to handle a forklift can expose the operation to a higher risk of accidents. For a business, the safety of their employees is a primary concern. To begin with, giving forklift drivers the time to learn the right techniques to handle the machine is a great way to minimise mishaps. Older employees can be encouraged to join a refresher course, especially when they undergo a forklift licence renewal.

3. Minimises damage to your machines

A trained forklift operator will safeguard the business’ machines; an untrained operator will expose them to damage from mishandling. Machines are an investment for any business and it is important to take every step to prevent damage to the equipment. Australia Forklift Training courses train the drivers on proper handling of the machine, drastically reducing potential expenses from repairs.

4. Keeps your vehicles or machines in great shape

Apart from safety and good handling, the trainee is also taught the basics of maintenance so that they not only learn how to use the machine the right way but also know how to take care of it. This helps the business save money by avoiding costly repairs as well as reducing the likelihood of machine breakdowns causing downtime in the middle of an important season.

5. Builds operator confidence

A trained forklift operator will be confident enough to handle the vehicle without any hesitation. They will feel more composed about what they are doing and be more motivated to operate the right way.

6. Increases business productivity

Having trained personnel on the rolls translates into higher productivity. The forklift operators will be able to work faster, safer and in a more focused way since they know exactly what needs to be done. With less risk of damage to the equipment, the business need not worry about accidents, costly repairs or downtime. A productive business also builds a good reputation in the market.

Australian Forklift Training specialises in providing comprehensive lessons to educate the workforce about proper handling of forklifts using practical and efficient techniques. The courses are designed to ensure every lesson is easy to absorb with proper detailed applications.

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