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Nationally Recognised Qualifications and Training for Companies of All Sizes

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Australian Forklift Training  is a fast-growing industrial training and licensing company in Australia.  

Traineeships are an initiative of the Australian Government aimed at encouraging employers to educate as well as develop their staff and up-skill the Australian workforce.  

The Government understands the nation’s competitive advantage is based on human capital, so a portion of government revenue is given back in training incentives. This covers up to 100% of training undertaken with funds of up to $4,000 per qualifying employee.  

Workplace-based traineeships provide an opportunity to implement ongoing, standardised training.  

Course content can be tailored to meet specific company needs and to fill the exact skilling requirements of staff.  

The training is competency-based, focused on providing the workforce with the skills needed to perform their job faster, safer, more thoroughly and productively.  

Some Benefits of Traineeships:

  • Save money on courses one would previously have to pay thousands of dollars for
  • Up-skill existing or new staff to make them safer, faster and more productive
  • Improve staff happiness and attitude towards their job by involving them in training that gives them new skills and nationally recognised qualifications
  • Increase staff retention and reduce expensive employment agency sourcing fees by involving existing staff in training programs that ensure they will remain with the company
  • Up-skill new and existing workers to make them more valuable to the organisation
  • Pay for training for those facing redundancy to help them become re-employed


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