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Forklift licence training from Australian Forklift Training

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Australian Forklift Training  offers practical advice and assistance in acquiring forklift licences.

Australian Forklift Training has commented on the habit of operators not looking over their shoulders before reversing.

By far, the most common bad habit that all forklift drivers develop, is reversing without looking at what or who is behind them. For some reason, forklift drivers do not look behind.

When first obtaining their license, operators are made to check behind over both shoulders before even moving. Once licensed however, this practice is quickly discarded. When you look at your forklifts you’ll notice that

It can be noticed that usually the paint on the sides of forklift looks near perfect, yet the back is just bare metal.

This is because drivers do not think to check behind themselves before reversing. Mirrors are not to be used for reversing

Forklift revision mirrors are only there to see if there are cars, trucks or faster forklifts and equipment trying to overtake them in traffic type situations. They are not to be used for reversing. Operators must turn their head and look.

The correct procedure is to look over both shoulders before moving, then to turn around and look over one shoulder while travelling backwards, glancing around often enough to inspect the load and surroundings.

Drivers with a physical inability to look clearly over both shoulders whilst reversing are unsafe to drive a forklift. Operators must be able to turn their head and shoulders far enough to see behind the forklift in order to operate safely.

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