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Australian Forklift Training offers information on conversion of forklift licences

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article image Information on conversion of forklift licenses

Australian Forklift Training  offers practical advice and assistance in acquiring forklift licences.

From January 06 to June 06, WorkCover ran advertisements in major metropolitan and regional newspapers about changes to certificates of competency.

Basically, anyone who obtained a forklift license before 1996 had to go to their local WorkCover office and convert their licence to a new National Certificate of Competency. Anyone who did not convert their license before the 30 June 2007 has found that their license has been cancelled.

They might still carry the old license in their wallet but they are no longer licensed to drive a forklift.

All pre 1996 license holders will have had a series of letters mailed to them about the need to renew. Some however, changed address since obtaining the license and never updated their details with WorkCover.

Others claim to have never received any of the letters and a large number of people got the letters but just did not do anything about it.

Anyone that did not convert their license will have to sit the current forklift license test before they are licensed to operate again. Without passing the current license test, they will cause all sorts of WorkCover and Insurance problems when an accident occurs.

How to tell which of the operators are using cancelled licenses?

Most companies keep a license register on site with photo copies of each operator’s license. All licenses come with a date of issue on them. Any with a date of issue pre 1996 will be cancelled and the operator will need be re-tested. This conversion must be done by contacting WorkCover.

If an operator has a pre 1996 license and has not renewed it, they are not licensed.

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