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Australian Forklift Training offers forklift licence training

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article image Australian Forklift Training focuses on forklift safety

Australian Forklift Training  provides practical advice and assistance in acquiring forklift licences.

Australian Forklift Training offers tips for forklift safety. According to Australian Forklift Training, it is a good practice for forklift drivers to sound the horn when approaching all doorways or blind corners.

This includes going past any loud equipment where co workers would not be able to hear a forklift approaching and when going in or out of isle ways, where there is cross traffic.

Obviously the horn is sounded to warn others of the forklift approaching. Other forklifts that are also approaching from the other way have the opportunity to sound their horn as well, letting both operators know where the other is.

In workplaces with multiple blind corners, the sounding of the horns is an essential communication between forklift drivers and a warning to bystanders.

A lot of office staffs do not realise the need for this often loud and annoying safety warning and tell the forklift driver to stop beeping the horn as much. Unfortunately, it is as useful as it is annoying.

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