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Australian Forklift Training offers forklift licence training for operators

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Australian Forklift Training  is an ideal training company in Australia that provides practical advice and assistance in acquiring forklift licences.

Australian Forklift Training offers forklift safety tips to ensure workplace safety. One among the important forklift safety tips from Australian Forklift Training says that the pallets must be locked into the racking.

Far too many companies have pallets that are not locked onto the pallet racking. Basically, when a pallet sits in the rack, both outer boards of the pallet should be locked over the up writes of the racking.

When a pallet is on properly, it has to be lifted up vertically until the outer boards of the pallet clear the racking before it can be taken out.

Both the racking and the pallets are designed to lock together, so that even when a forklift bumps into the racking and it sways, the pallets cannot move or fall out.

The problems come when operators do not make sure that they have put the pallet on squarely and leave one end of the pallet not locked on.

Usually, operators leave high and awkward pallets not properly locked on, even though these are at high risk of falling out.

The operator should take a quick look at the top level of the racking and definitely he will find more than one that is just waiting to fall out.

Another large problem comes when companies use overseas and poor quality pallets that are different sizes to the Australian standard 1200mm by 1200mm pallets. Each overseas country has its own size pallet and racking and they do not sit safely in ours.

Imported pallets (or skids) will be either too small to lock onto the Australian racking or will be flat on the bottom with no way of locking onto any racking. As soon as the racking is knocked or bumped, the imported pallets fall out.

The solution:

The racking has to be altered slightly to accommodate the different size pallets. There are various easy options available for securing odd sized pallets into the racking.

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