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Australian Forklift Training offers assistance in acquiring forklift licences

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Australian Forklift Training  is well-known for offering practical advice and assistance in acquiring forklift licences.

Australian Forklift Training also provides forklift safety tips for industries using forklifts on their sites.

Australian Forklift Training offers a significant forklift safety tip for the operators, which says that drivers getting on and off of the forklifts from the wrong side should be avoided.

There is a right and a wrong way to get on and off of the forklift. All sit down type (counter balance) forklifts have the hydraulic control leavers on the right hand side of the driver. Forklift seats are all off set, being closer to the left side of the forklift then they are to the right.

All drivers are supposed to enter and exit forklifts from the left side only as getting on or off from the right side will almost always cause them to knock or bump the hydraulic control leavers.

This is why there is only ever a handle for helping the driver climb into the forklift on the left side of the machine. Any driver hopping on from the right is at risk of bumping the control leavers and having the forks move by accident.

Many drivers are unaware of this law, because of never having proper teaching from a qualified instructor. A large number of drivers learn on the job from watching other equally as clueless drivers operate. They learn to drive yet do not know even the most basic of teachings, like which side to enter and exit from.

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