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Australian Forklift Training discuss safety measures on using two forklifts to lift a load

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According to Australian Forklift Training , forklift operators can use two forklifts to lift long and heavy loads. However, there are some important safety aspects that forklift operators should know.

Many companies have containers and machinery that occasionally need to be lifted on or off of trucks. Due to the size of certain loads, two forklifts have to be used.

Here is an extract from Australian Standard, (SAA Industrial Truck Code Part 2: Operation 3.11 Simultaneous Use) that might help if a machine needs to be moved.

“Neither an order-picking high-lift industrial truck nor a turret type high-lift industrial truck shall be used simultaneously with another vehicle to handle a common load.

Where two other types of industrial trucks are used to handle a load, e.g. because of the length or mass of the load, each industrial truck shall be operated by an experienced operator and the operation shall be controlled by a third person who is responsible and experienced.

The load applied to each industrial truck shall not exceed 75 percent of the load capacity of the industrial truck consistent with the manner in which the load is being handled, ie. Account shall be taken of stability, load centre distance, and inertia effects. The distance travelled shall be limited to clearing the load carrier.

(Note: Simultaneous use of industrial trucks for handling heavy or cumbersome loads can be a dangerous operation requiring special precautions.)”

Using two forklifts is usually not the best option. If the load needs two forklifts to lift is only carried every now and then, most companies will use two forklifts. If it is something that is done regularly, then there is the option of using one large forklift or a crane.

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