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Australian Forklift Training assists in acquiring forklift licences

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Australian Forklift Training  offers practical advice and assistance for acquiring forklift licences.

Most companies are not aware of exactly when licences and log books are needed. Basically, non-licenced people can operate a forklift as long as they are under the supervision of someone with a licence. Anyone operating without a licence must keep and maintain a logbook.

As a simple formula, only one non-licenced operator is allowed for every licenced person on site. Non-licenced operators must make one entry into the logbooks each day and a signature from the licenced/responsible person is also needed.

WorkCover can issue fines to companies with drivers not keeping logbooks and insurance problems will surely occur if an unsupervised driver has an accident. This is a simple area, yet one that causes a lot of company’s problems. Free logbooks can be obtained from the local WorkCover office or the company can make up their own.

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