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New hopper loader creates interest

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A NEW hopper loader from Australian Filling Machines feeds “difficult” products and virtually eliminates wastage.

The new loader, designed and manufactured in Australia, is creating very substantial interest among product manufacturers.

A loader has been installed at the new Campbellfield plant of Anadis Limited.

Designed and made by Australian Filling Machines, it has a 200-litre hopper capacity and is fabricated from 316 stainless steel, food grade finish.

Tony Phillips, chief executive officer of Australian Filling Machines, says the hopper loader is “generating very considerable interest in the food packaging industry”.

He said its ability to feed “difficult” products and virtually eliminate wastage is providing “an important benefit to a range of food and industrial product manufacturers”.

Inside the hopper loader, a new design counter-rotating agitator eliminates cavitation.

The unit is highly manoeuvrable and has a stable base.

Features include a reversing switch for the auger screw, electrical interlocks for safety and an open throat design with no product bridging.

The unit does not have a permanent connection to a particular filler machine and can be used to feed different auger fillers according to need.

“The new hopper loader features silent operation and promises to replace vacuum loading systems with a far more efficient method,” Mr Phillips said.

“Bulker bags can be suspended over the unit to provide continuous operation.

“The 200-litre bulk hopper provides a buffering period when the bulker bags are due for change-over.

“The consistent feed of the loader provides substantial improvements in auger filler operations, resulting in more accurate fill weights, less downtime and a generally sharp and noticeable increase in overall efficiency.”

The loader can be disassembled for maintenance without tools.

It is designed for easy cleaning.

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