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Automatic and semi-auto auger fillers.

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article image Twin augers at work on a conveyor line.

AUSTRALIAN Filling Machines ’ auger automatic or semi-automatic filling machines can measure volume or weight from 5gms to 10kg -- to tolerances of 0.5 grams.

Set up in single units, twins or batteries of four filling machines servicing high volume production lines, the machines represent a well engineered, simple design which feature volumetric, weight and combination filling capabilities.

The machines can accurately fill powders, granules, pastes and semi liquids -- and feature special flow systems for free flowing product.

The fillers incorporate a computer controlled servo drive system with a touch screen control panel and an optional checkweigh feedback control.

The main drive motor has an electronic drive (no brake or clutch) while a separate motor drives the inbuilt agitator.

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