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Single mode splitters and couplers from Australian Fibre Works

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The various single mode splitters and couplers offered by Australian Fibre Works include single mode standard couplers, single mode broadband couplers, single mode standard tree coupler, single mode wavelength division multiplexers, single mode broadband monolithic coupler, single mode dual window flattened coupler, single mode wideband T coupler and single mode wideband tree coupler.

Single mode optic couplers from Australian Fibre Works offers very low insertion loss, environmental stability and low polarization dependence. These couplers are available with tight uniformity and accurate coupling ratio from 1/99 to 50/50. The single mode optic coupler can be applied to perform monitoring and power splitting functions in all types of optical communication systems.

Australian Fibre Works’ single mode wavelength multiplexer can be used to separate or combine light at different wavelengths. This device offers high isolation, low polarization dependence and low insertion loss. These components are extensively used in WDM, CATV, EDFA networks and fiber optics instrumentation.

Single mode dual window flattened coupler from Australian Fibre Works can be used to perform the monitoring functions of optical communication systems. Single mode broadband coupler has an accurate coupling ratio with uniform and wide wavelength range.

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